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Price vs. Cost

You can have the lowest price or the lowest cost, but never at the same time

You may have heard this axiom before, but it pertains to insurance more than any other product you will ever buy. Insurance policies vary widely and various companies offer many optional endorsements. How do you know what is or is not included? How do you compare the quotes of different companies? It takes an expert to read and decipher all of the hundreds of different endorsements available. Just comparing the deductibles and limits of two different policies is a bad way to compare.

Buying half of a steak for 2/3 the price is not cheaper. It’s actually more expensive. Buying a car with no engine is cheaper; but you aren’t going anywhere in it. The lowest insurance price is often so because important coverages have been left off the policy. The policy with the lowest cost of ownership may be close the lowest price, but give you a much better level of protection.

How do you know? Ask us. We will explain and help you make informed decisions. As an independent agency, we represent dozens of carriers offering multiple options of coverage. We can explain and help make the process simple. And, we can offer you a half dozen good choices to consider. This way, you are assured to get the best value and the best agency at the same time.

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