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Boat Insurance

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Boat enthusiasts throughout Dallas can enjoy smooth sailing with CIA on their side. We offer policies for a wide variety of pleasure boats. From sailboats to powerboats, we will recommend the protection that’s right for you.

Understanding Watercraft and Boat Insurance

It is important to understand the basics of boat insurance so you know that you are properly covered from your trailer to your hull and everything in between. Century Insurance Agency can help walk you through the details and ensure that you are choosing the right coverage for your needs and your budget.

Some of the typical components of a boat insurance policy include the following:

  • Hull Insurance
    Much like comp and collision in the auto insurance industry, hull insurance offers protection against any losses or physical damage to your watercraft, including any machinery and equipment it is comprised of. Boat insurance carriers throughout Dallas will define hull insurance a little differently, but generally it will include any equipment necessary for the maintenance and operation of the watercraft.
  • Electronics Deductible
    Some companies have a separate deductible to cover your electronics on the watercraft. It is usually a flat amount from $250 to $500 or higher. Some boat insurance policies will offer this option for an additional premium, while others will include a small electronics deductible automatically.
  • Named Storm Deductible (NSD)
    A Named Storm Deductible provides extra coverage for boat owners in areas of the country where hurricanes and other named tropical storms are common. This is not typically an issue that Dallas area boat owners need to be concerned with.
  • Personal Effects
    Many of the items carried on your boat are considered to be part of the boat and would be covered under hull insurance, but what happens if you have fishing rods, skis, cameras, or other valuable equipment on board that is damaged or lost in an unfortunate event? This is a case where it would be wise to opt for the extra coverage offered by Personal Effects insurance.
  • Boat Trailer Coverage
    Most Dallas boat insurance policies will offer added coverage for a trailer upon request. It is important to note that when a boat trailer is connected to an automobile in transit, neither the trailer nor the boat is covered under boat insurance liability. If there is any bodily injury or property damage caused by the boat and the trailer while being towed, it is the vehicle’s liability that covers the third party damage. However, any damage to the trailer or boat in this instance will be covered by the boat insurance carrier.
  • Tender/Dinghy Insurance
    Often seen with large boats like yachts, many policies will automatically include tender or dinghy insurance to extend coverage to a smaller boat that is used to service the larger boat. Personal watercrafts are normally excluded from this coverage as they are not considered service vessels.

These are just a few of the common coverage options available for your boat insurance. For a complete explanation or to speak to a Dallas area boat insurance agent, please call Century Insurance Agency at 866.445.5599 or contact us now.

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